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    HeiQ Synbio Clean – Allergen Spray

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    HeiQ Synbio Clean – Allergen Spray

    Who loves allergens?

    They are everywhere and will keep you company at home.

    You may even find them in your bed! How lovely.

    ...and they come in all shapes and sizes!


    Would it be dust mite matter, pollen or pet hair proteins, there is a wide range of common allergens that can surround you at all times.

    Good luck getting rid of them


    Cleaning with harsh chemicals could provide a temporary relief but such products can be harmful to you and your environment.

    Probiotics: a rescue team sent by nature


    Have you ever heard of probiotics? These good bacteria love to break down common allergens before eating them.

    Probiotics are 100% natural...


    and biodegradable, meaning that they are great for you and great for your environment.

    And they have an inspiring work ethic


    Once applied, probiotics will keep working for up to 5 days!

    Mission accomplished!

    Enjoy the freshness provided by our microscopic friends.

    Reduce the allergens in your home, e.g. pollen allergens by 90% and dust mite allergen by 60%! Give it a try!





    Product details

    • This versatile synbiotic cleaning spray colonizes surfaces and the environment with good bacteria
    • Recommended use:
      Spray bed/sofa every day for one week
      After the first week, spray only twice a week
    • Patented HeiQ Synbio Technology inside
    • Made in Belgium
    • 180ml bottle

    Customer Reviews

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    Mirjana P.
    HeiQ Synbio Clean -Allergen Spray

    Excellent stuff very satisfied with your products . Thanks